Use of corporal

Use of corporal The child takes the part of the punishing parent, and it has a feeling what to be aggressive and punishing correctly.

Then, naturally, this child grows up and when he has children, he treats them the same as treated him in the childhood.

Very often the parents tormenting the children in the childhood it appears, were exposed to punishments.

Use of corporal punishments or threat of their application as the main educational tool of children passes from generation to generation.

This rather badly in itself.

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Insignificant The teacher will easily allocate the kid with strong indications of the increased uneasiness, fear and emotional immaturity on as far as it is difficult for it to look in the face and long to support such contact.

Insignificant and even the average emotional deprivation can reduce requirement openly to look in the face to people at the child.

With excessive uneasiness in addition it is much more difficult for child to approach the adult, and often and the contemporary.

The child which emotional tank is full, quietly and directly will approach the teacher, without hesitating will look at it an open and clear look and will tell that at it on mind, for example: It is possible for me a sheet of paper?

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Leaving in itself. In this

Leaving in itself. In this Some teenagers feel pains in the lower third of a breast and/or headaches as the secondary phenomenon of a depression.

Leaving in itself.

In this illfated state the teenager moves away from contemporaries and that the worst, not simply avoids them, and is fenced off from them by the hostility, roughness and unfriendliness, forcing and them to turn away from it.

As a result it remains all alone.

And as he finally pushed away good friends, starts communicating with the bad companies where children sometimes use drugs and/or often get to unpleasant situations.

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Then feed

Then feed Let him drink so much, how many wants.

Then feed him only from a pacifier at , in two days at and at and so on, replacing on one chest feeding with milk from a bottle each days in the following order: , , if the amount of milk at mother decreases gradually so is not enough for the child very little, it is better to pass to a pacifier gradually as it is described below.

Let's assume that you have still enough milk, but you want to nurse only a few months until the child gets stronger.

How it is long necessary to nurse the child?

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On the second

On the second Additional testing is carried out by games of the adult with the child.

The majority of the offered games can be used as the developing exercises.

The most effective is work with the child on the first year of life therefore this age period is considered in more detail and information on it is provided by the month.

On the second year of life quarter stages, from three to six years annual are described.

Incidental supervision of the local pediatrician and professional surveys of narrow experts will not replace your personal observations for the child.

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